Our bankruptcy practice includes representation of both debtors and creditors. Our debtor practice covers filings under Chapter 7, Chapter 13 and Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code. Our creditor practice includes assisting creditors in all aspects of existing bankruptcies, including filing of claims, obtaining relief from the automatic stay, and adversary proceedings where necessary. Our creditor bankruptcy practice also overlaps with our general business practice, through the planning of transactions and drafting of documents to best protect clients in the event of a future bankruptcy of the client itself, or the client’s business partners or creditors.

In our representation of financially distressed individuals and businesses, we recognize that one of the most important aspects of planning for bankruptcy is determining the best and most beneficial time to file. Unlike many “bankruptcy mill” law firms, we do not simply rush clients to file bankruptcy without analysis of proper timing and all options outside of bankruptcy. Generally, we consider using bankruptcy as a last resort, after exhausting all applicable non-bankruptcy solutions, and after the clients’ financial circumstances have reached a point where bankruptcy is most beneficial.




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